We love soap and some of us have sensitive skin. We found that some fragrances and chemicals made us itch – pretty uncomfortable and sometimes just embarrassing.
While I was traveling and teaching in Lebanon, a very close friend, introduced me to a green soap that was made from the olives. To me, this was something new, handmade and completely organic. His 85-year-old father grew their olives on their land in northern Lebanon. While visiting, I watched his dad till the soil around the trees to catch more rain, prune the trees to produce the best fruit and tend to the groves as a father tended to his children.

There is a small soap maker in their village that makes soap from their olives. I was hooked. I returned home with a brown paper bag of different shaped soaps in various green and white colors. My wife and three girls all used the soap and fell in love with it.

That started Pure Sabao, we find the purest handmade soaps made from only natural products and bring them to you. We search the globe for small batch soap makers who meticulously adhere to the centuries old tradition of process and purity.

Smooth, silky skin, luxurious bubbles and nothing else – it’s just that simple.